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" We use our experiences to create yours.  If visitors are not converting, you may not know enough about your audience; your content, ads & landing pages are not congruent with each other. This means you're acquiring the wrong traffic."

David Speyer

Managing Partner

What Our Customers Are Saying

Erma Golan - Partner

Our Pualani Hawaii swimwear brand is known for its unique and innovate styling, quality, durability and fit. So our story, marketing and sales strategies must be consistent with our brand and image. Working as partners has made our journey successfully exciting.

Scott Paly - Entrepreneur & Author

David and his team have the creativity and experience to handle anything from website development and e-commerce capability to building and managing social media campaigns. ZootMarketing has great ideas and a good sense for how to creatively put things together.

Jason Kovan - Int'l Tax Attorney 

In a web design world filled with many service providers, David's integrity and dedication stand out. We received an A+ product, and continuous support after the website was launched.

Jessica M. - Artist, Songwriter

The Zoot Marketing team helped us grow our fan base, YouTube channel and made changes to our website that improved our Google organic rankings over a 10-month timeframe.

Jerrold K. - Retail Owner

It’s hard enough to compete for walk-in traffic in a mall. We decided to create an online store. David developed a comprehensive business strategy. It was a daunting task. David and his team pulled it off. We are on our way.

Julie D. - Partner, Marketing & Sales

David is a great mentor! We asked David to review and recommend how to structure our company’s social media and sales. Zoot Marketing's team gave us us a wide-ranging report. We asked David to continue to mentor us.

Sash A. - Designer, Retail Space

David and his team at Zoot Marketing are exceptional. I was worried while interviewing agencies about the attention to detail and a good grasp of my business. Zoot Marketing exceeded my expectations.

Salo L. - Clothing Designer

We brought Zoot Marketing on board to help us audit our online presence. After a comprehensive and exhaustive review, David pulled everything together – we are delighted with our new game plan and direction.

John B. - Marketing Consultant

David came recommended to us to evaluate our brand, site, online ads, and social media performance. David showed us how our PPC and ad campaigns were generating leads, but our website landing pages and Home page were not congruent with our online campaigns.

David Speyer Managing Partner Zoot Marketing

You want an online presence? You want website traffic? You want sales? This is going to save you a ton of heart break and frustrations. Social Media Marketing is not Sales!

We use our experiences to create yours.

What's your visibility like? It is all about viewer relevancy. If your connections, followers, or ads are not relevant, then your audience and leads will not respond. You need the right presence to engage your audiences.

Over 150+ Successful Projects and Still Counting.

We begin with a strategy discussion, audit, research. Whether we are creating, enhancing, or rediscovering your online presence, we look across the full spectrum of the virtual experience.

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