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ABOUT David Speyer

Managing Partner, ZOOTMarketing.com

David is a digital marketing strategist, coach & mentor. I am devoted to my customers and enjoy training and mentoring individuals and companies in online marketing and sales.

Be the master of your online presence. Tell your story behind your brand. Social media marketing, lead generation, site & competitors audits, email campaigns, SEO, content creation & optimization, and website design.

These are exciting times. The technology and methods we use have become increasingly complex, yet very user friendly. We invest time in learning, training, and testing new applications so we can provide our clients with a competitive advantage in the digital online space.

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Our approach is to look at the whole and make your online presence congruent.

We look at the online world-wide-web as a wholistic and aligned virtual oneness. As AI evolves, every piece of information, trends, demographics, habits, desires, and so much more are converging. Technology is evolving every moment. Data is emerging as a unified whole. The Netflix documentary 'The Social Dilemma' provides a fascinating view of where we are and where we are going. Every business, brand, persona, artist, and individual has some aspect of their presence in a virtual state and matrix relationship.

The Speyer-Zoot team began in 2011 as a boutique web-development agency. In 2016 we expanded our services to include social media marketing, lead generation, paid campaigns and email marketing. Initially our digital marketers focused on helping start-ups and small businesses grow their brands, audiences, and customers. In 2018 we expanded to include mid-market companies and personal branding.

We provide a diverse range of services including content creation, digital-presence awareness, management and scheduling,  social media marketing & social strategies, lead generation, advocacy, social selling, audience growth & nurturing, site audits, online paid advertising (PPC), sales funnels, influencer marketing, reputation management, competitive gap analysis, web design, keyword discovery, A/B testing, email marketing campaigns, SEO and content optimization, training and more...

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Our work and methods are driven by consistent effort and professional integrity. If you are having difficulty getting visitors to your website, we craft content and paid campaigns, higher conversion rates, qualified leads, and increased web traffic. 

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Our clients include SMALL & mid-market companies and personal branding. We Can Coach You Up or RUn Your CAMPAIGNS. Either Way Start Telling Your Story and Targeting Your Audiences. 

How do I perform an online audit?

Start with looking at your business plan, products/services, and clients.

Then proceed with an online audit of every aspect of your website, landing pages, sales pages, product pages, funnels, CTS's, banners, contact forms, etc.

Analyze your audiences, social media efforts, and platforms, PPC, ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, etc.

Study the performance, tracking, clicks, views, and messages of your email marketing campaigns.

Check out your competition and audience(s) to see where they live online and what their successes are.

Create your roadmap to success.

A Reminder About Online Paid Advertising

Paid online advertising can be tricky, expensive, and costly when you make mistakes. Our proven methods are more conservative than most. We take longer to gear up because we don't use the gun-shot approach of spend, spend, spend until you see results. 

Here's how you can reach us:

Please feel free to contact us with your comments, questions, or suggestions.
You can call David at +1 (786) 250-2126 or via email at David@ZootMarketing.com.

If you prefer, reach out to one of our dedicated expert support team members.