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Zoot Marketing is a global boutique online marketing and lead generation agency. 

Be the master of your online presence. Tell the story behind your brand.

Grow your traffic, audiences, and leads.


Define your audience, where they live on social media, and develop your content around them. Every aspect of your social media presence should focus on engaging with your audience. Social media is not sales; it's marketing. There is a big difference.


There are several ways to drive traffic to your site - pay per click - Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and more. There are sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, etc., each with its unique approach. 


SEO is not a word most companies want to hear about. It's a long-term plan to drive organic results to your site. It's a continuous process, and results take time. But without investing in SEO, you will never improve your organic search rankings or truly compete with your competitors that rank on page one of Google.

video's and podcasting

Video content drives higher results than images. And the video's with sub-titles even more. You'll get even higher engagement numbers if your videos have subtitles.

YouTube is one of the best SEO platforms for people to find out about you. 


You have a story to tell. Here's where it begins. A key component to organize growth and improved Google ranking begins with great content. SEO-optimized content will drive organic search to your site. An engaging article can boost your brand, online authority as a thought leader, and audience trust.

optimized for mobile

Mobile views are between 50% to 65% of all online interaction, and growing. If your website, landing pages, blogs, and social content are not optimized for your smartphone, you will lose business.

influencer marketing

An influencer is well-known, trusted, with a good reputation, and a well-defined audience of followers on social media. They are known for their expertise and knowledge and can persuade their audience to act on their recommendation. Influencers are on Instagram (89%), YouTube (70%), Facebook (45%), Blogs (44%), and Twitter (33%). LinkedIn influencers are by invitation only. An influencer has at least 50,000 followers, and the more prominent are over 100,000. This depends on their niche.

email management services (EMS) and automations

You might hate all the unsolicited sales, promotional and educational emails you receive, Still, most likely, you've clicked on a few. Email campaigns and newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your audiences, provide them with great content and promotional sales. There is a new world out there in EMS and robust analytics is a crucial component. Analytics gives you insight into what works and the effectiveness of your EMS campaigns. 

Search Engine Optimization (seo)

If you want to rank on page one of Google, you'll need to invest in SEO. SEO is organic search results and takes time to grow. Google determines what to show based on the relevancy of what the viewer is looking for. A website, blog post, a landing page that is not SEO optimized will consistently be ranked lower in the search results. 85% or all search views are from page one on Google. 

Why do you need a competitor's audit?

That's who you are competing against for an online presence and rankings. 

Audience insights

One of the most important aspect of an audit is to to see how you stack-up against your competition, and what their audience/follower numbers look like.

Your competition may not be outperforming you on social media.

I would undoubtedly want to know.

Here’s what people are saying about David and ZootMarketing


My partner and I have a small in-house marketing department and several independent consultants, mostly overseas. We asked David to review and recommend how to improve and structure our company’s social media and sales marketing. His team started with a comprehensive audit that ran for about six weeks, then presented a wide-ranging report. We asked David if he would continue to mentor us – which he agreed to do.

julie d. - partner, marketing & sales
They handle our blogs and optimize for SEO.

ZootMarketing courted me for about six months before I said yes. I have not looked back. Their team stepped up our social media presence. They handle our blogs and optimize for SEO. David’s vast knowledge and experience in various businesses and industries help his team understand how we work.

joost w. - owner
David and ZootMarketing have their act together.

We are an independent boutique marketing company. Now and then, we take on clients that require us to add outside consultants to our team. David and ZootMarketing have their act together. They deliver! They have skill sets that complement my team and are always available to help us out on short notice.

nicole g. - partner

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