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David and his team at Zoot Marketing are exceptional. I was worried while interviewing agencies about the attention to detail and a good grasp of my business. Zoot Marketing exceeded my expectations.

Sash A. // Designer, Retail Space

We approached David with the idea of creating a site to attract investors. We worked with David and his team on site development, SEO, content/blogs, podcasting, investor webinars, social media, and online advertising. After launch, David trained our staff and transitioned most of the work in-house. This was part of what we had asked David to help us with.

Trish K. // Real Estate Developer

We brought Zoot Marketing on board to help us audit our online presence. After a comprehensive and exhaustive review, David pulled everything together – we are delighted with our new game plan and direction.

Salo L.  // Clothing Designer

David came recommended to us to evaluate our brand, site, online ads, and social media performance. David showed us how our PPC and ad campaigns were generating leads, but our website landing pages and Home page were not congruent with our online campaigns.

John B. // Marketing Consultant

We noticed that our email campaign responses were running under the national averages in our industry. We asked Zoot Marketing to evaluate our current EMS provider and make recommendations, which involved hiring a copywriter and creating 15-second email video’s. David surprised us with his knowledge of email automation, tags, and sequencing. Our click-throughs have steadily increased for each new campaign we run.

Peter J. // Online Retail Store

The Zoot Marketing team helped us grow our fan base, YouTube channel and made changes to our website that improved our Google organic rankings over a 10-month timeframe.

Jessica M.  // Artist, Songwriter

David has a keen eye for design, systems, and all the skill sets his website boasts about. It’s been a pleasant surprise after several unsuccessful tries with other agencies. We’re not an easy group to work with, and butting heads was inevitable. David’s team rallied around us and kept everything focused, on schedule, and within budget.

Carol K. // Director of Manufacturing

I have to give Zoot Marketing credit where credit is due. Our social media marketing campaigns were creative but without sales results. David was hired as a consultant. It took us a while to understand that social media is marketing and not sales. He allowed us to refocus and move into the PPC and lead generation arena with landing pages. David gave us a better understanding of our sales funnel and how to focus on our audience and leads.

Stacy H. // Business Owner

It’s hard enough to compete for walk-in traffic in a mall. We decided to create an online store. David developed a comprehensive business strategy. It was a daunting task. David and his team pulled it off. We are on our way.

Jerrold K.  // Retail Owner

I’ve always wanted to expand into international markets. David prepared an analysis between organic growth, PPC, and a combination of both. We went for organic growth because SEO with the proper content optimization produces the results we wanted to achieve. David convinced us to focus our resources on better site content, more blog posts, and videos. David hooked us up with a great team of content creators. During the initial phase, we already see our SERP on Google rising to compete exponentially.

Jack C. // Swimwear Manufacturer

I decided it’s time to expand my network. My clients and referrals always ask if I am online. I am on a tight budget, and I am not sure where to start. David became my go-to mentor. He made sure that our initial conversations covered the full spectrum of an online presence. Then, David focused on preparing a budget, a plan to phase in my site-build, blogging, and even a funnel for social media and lead gen. Phase 1 is complete – I’m attracting new clients. And soon, we’ll start phase 2.

Seldon H. // Content Creator and Copy Editor

My business is all referral. I did not want to start spending time in areas that would cost money and not deliver results. David and I discussed how I could better serve clients. Rather than talking over me, he listened, understood why I focus on referral business only. He came back with several ideas. We settled on a monthly email campaign to keep my clients in the loop with investment opportunities, a video email, and a six-month one-on-one Zoom with each client.

Kerry W.  // Financial Advisor and Investment Strategist

David is a great mentor! My partner and I have a small in-house marketing department and several independent consultants, mostly overseas. We asked David to review and recommend how to improve and structure our company’s social media and sales marketing. His team started with a comprehensive audit that ran for about 6 weeks, then presented us with a wide-ranging report. We asked David to continue to mentor us.

Julie D. // Partner, Marketing & Sales

They handle our blogs and optimize for SEO. ZootMarketing courted me for about 6 months before I said yes. I have not looked back. Their team stepped up our social media presence. They handle our blogs and optimize for SEO. David’s vast knowledge and experience in a variety of businesses and industries really helps his team understand how we work.

Joost W. // Owner

David and Zoot Marketing have their act together. We are an independent boutique marketing company. Every now and then we take on clients that require us to add outside consultants to our team. David and Zoot Marketing have their act together. They have skill sets that compliment my team and are always available on short notice to help us out. They deliver!

Nicole G.  // Partner

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Our Hawaiian swimwear brand is known for its unique and innovate styling, quality, durability and fit. So our story, marketing and sales strategies must be consistent with our brand and image. Working as partners has made our journey successfully exciting.

Erma G. // Partner Fashion Swimwear

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In a web design world filled with many service providers, David's integrity and dedication stand out. We received an A+ product, and continuous support after the website was launched.

Jason K. // Tax Attorney, CPA

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David has the creativity and experience to handle anything from website development and e-commerce capability to building and managing social media campaigns. He has a lot of great ideas and a good sense for how to creatively put things together.

Scott P.  // Entrepreneur & Author