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Social media content engages audiences. Lead generation drives targeted traffic to your website. Over 160+ successful client journeys.

“David is one of the best online digital marketing strategists, coaches, and mentors, who works with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses.”

Tell Your Story Behind Your Brand. Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Grows Your Audiences and Traffic.

In the online digital marketing and sales space, everybody loves the quick "growth hack". There are no easy shortcuts. It takes time, and an eye for what sets you apart.

Discover how we make a difference.

What's your digital marketing and social media visibility like if the average lifespan of a Facebook post is about a 15 to 18 minutes? Twitter is just 3 to 10 minutes and LinkedIn, about 6 minutes. Your audiences will not see your social media posts, if they are not online when your post hits their feed!

Your posts are shown to less than 3% of your AUDIENCES. Why? It is all about viewer relevancy. If your connections or followers are not interested in your posts, then the post will not be shown to them. You need the right content to engage your audiences.

Digital Marketing: We use our experiences to create yours.

The right social media content engages audiences & drives targeted traffic to your website.

We create a strong digital marketing and social media presence for you, which provides your visitors with the right social engagement that puts you at a competitive advantage.

We design compelling social media content and manage your social media and lead generation campaigns.

We market to potential buyers (cold and warm audiences) with strategies throughout the marketing and sales/ buyers journey.

Some of the tools include targeted content, the use of multi-channel nurturing including automation, email marketing, paid re targeting, dynamic website content optimization, and direct sales marketing / lead generation. We align your sales and marketing strategies. Read more.

Digital Marketing: Over 160+ Successful Projects and Counting.

Strategy, Audit & Research

A 360 view looks across all areas of your online presence including social media, lead generation, advertising, organic reach, blogs, campaigns, site review, landing pages and funnels, email marketing and your competition.

We drill down to understand how and where we can help.

Design & Development

Your CTA (call to action) and associated web page must resonate and align with your ads and social media messages. 

We have been designing, tweaking & marketing websites, landing pages, sales funnels and e-commerce sites for brands, small & medium sized businesses, and professionals since 2005.

Marketing & Lead Generation

We begin by defining and segmenting your audience. The audience that matters to you is the one that values your services or products.

If visitors are not converting you may not know enough about your audience or your ads and landing pages are not congruent with each other. This means you're acquiring the wrong traffic. Start with research.


Define your audience, where they live on social media, and develop your content around them. Every aspect of your social media presence should focus on engaging with your audience. Social media is not sales; it's marketing. There is a big difference.


There are several ways to drive traffic to your site - pay per click - Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and more. There are sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, etc., each with its unique approach. 


SEO is not a word most companies want to hear about. It's a long-term plan to drive organic results to your site. It's a continuous process, and results take time. But without investing in SEO, you will never improve your organic search rankings or truly compete with your competitors that rank on page one of Google.


Video content drives higher results than images. And the video's with sub-titles even more. You'll get even higher engagement numbers if your videos have subtitles. YouTube is one of the best SEO platforms for people to find out about you. 


You have a story to tell. Here's where it begins. A key component to organize growth and improved Google ranking begins with great content. SEO-optimized content will drive organic search to your site. An engaging article can boost your brand, online authority as a thought leader, and audience trust.


Mobile views are between 50% to 65% of all online interaction, and growing. If your website, landing pages, blogs, and social content are not optimized for your smartphone, you will lose business.


An influencer is well-known, trusted, with a good reputation, and a well-defined audience of followers on social media. They are known for their expertise and knowledge and can persuade their audience to act on their recommendation. Influencers are on Instagram (89%), YouTube (70%), Facebook (45%), Blogs (44%), and Twitter (33%). LinkedIn influencers are by invitation only. An influencer has at least 50,000 followers, and the more prominent are over 100,000. This depends on their niche.


You might hate all the unsolicited sales, promotional and educational emails you receive, Still, most likely, you've clicked on a few. Email campaigns and newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your audiences, provide them with great content and promotional sales. There is a new world out there in EMS and robust analytics is a crucial component. Analytics gives you insight into what works and the effectiveness of your EMS campaigns. 


If you want to rank on page one of Google, you'll need to invest in SEO. SEO is organic search results and takes time to grow. Google determines what to show based on the relevancy of what the viewer is looking for. A website, blog post, a landing page that is not SEO optimized will consistently be ranked lower in the search results. 85% or all search views are from page one on Google. 

Check what our clients say about us.

Our Hawaiian swimwear brand is known for its unique and innovate styling, quality, durability and fit. So our story, marketing and sales strategies must be consistent with our brand and image. Working as partners has made our journey successfully exciting.

Erma Golan


In a web design world filled with many service providers, David's integrity and dedication stand out. We received an A+ product, and continuous support after the website was launched.

Jason Kovan, Esq / CPA


David has the creativity and experience to handle anything from website development and e-commerce capability to building and managing social media campaigns. He has a lot of great ideas and a good sense for how to creatively put things together.

Scott Paly



Mentoring and Strategic Focus


Sometimes you need professional help in other areas. You’re looking for a third set of eyes, a new or just a different perspective. We offer one on one mentoring and strategic sessions. At times, navigating complex matters requires professional guidance beyond your expertise. Recognizing the value of external support can enhance decision-making processes and outcomes. 

Our open approach involves a team of creative and technical professionals, pooling our collective skills to bring your vision to life. We deeply value these kinds of collaborations with clients. Embracing the concept of a "third set of eyes" implies welcoming fresh insights and viewpoints. External perspectives can uncover blind spots or offer alternative approaches that may not be apparent internally.

New or Different Perspective: The quest for a new or different perspective acknowledges the limitations of existing viewpoints. Embracing diverse perspectives fosters innovation, creativity, and problem-solving.

One-on-One Mentoring: Individualized mentoring provides personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Direct interaction with a mentor facilitates deeper understanding and skill development.

Strategic Sessions: Strategic sessions offer structured opportunities to analyze challenges, set objectives, and devise actionable plans. These sessions may include brainstorming, goal-setting, and strategy formulation to drive progress and achievement.


Needs Assessment

Conduct an initial assessment to understand the mentee's goals, challenges, and areas for development. Gather information on the mentee's background, skills, and experiences to tailor the mentoring approach. 

Goal Setting

Collaboratively establish clear and achievable short-term and long-term goals with the mentee. Define specific milestones and measurable outcomes to track progress effectively.

Individualized Guidance

Provide personalized support and guidance tailored to the mentee's unique needs and learning style. Offer constructive feedback, encouragement, and resources to facilitate growth and development.

Skill Development

Identify areas for skill enhancement and provide targeted resources, exercises, and learning opportunities. Offer practical advice, techniques, and best practices to strengthen the mentee's competencies.

Networking and Connections

Facilitate introductions to relevant professionals, organizations, or networks to expand the mentee's contacts. Encourage participation in industry events, workshops, and forums to build connections and broaden perspectives.

Continuous Evaluation and Feedback

Regularly assess progress towards goals and objectives, adjusting the mentoring approach as needed. Encourage open communication and provide constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement. Encourage the mentee to set aside time for reflection, journaling, or self-assessment to track personal and professional growth.

Strategic Focus

Initial Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client's business objectives, challenges, and competitive landscape. Gather relevant data, market insights, and industry trends to inform strategic recommendations.

Goal Alignment

Clarify the client's overarching goals and priorities to ensure alignment with the consulting engagement. Define specific, measurable objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge success.

Strategy Development

Collaborate with the client to develop a tailored strategic roadmap that addresses identified opportunities and challenges. Formulate actionable strategies, tactics, and initiatives to achieve the client's objectives within defined timelines and budget constraints.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage key stakeholders within the client organization to gain buy-in and alignment on the strategic direction. Facilitate workshops, meetings, or presentations to communicate the strategic plan and solicit feedback.

Implementation Support

Provide ongoing support and guidance during the implementation phase to ensure successful execution of the strategic initiatives. Offer project management expertise, resource allocation recommendations, and risk mitigation strategies as needed.

Performance and Improvement

Establish a monitoring & evaluation framework to track the progress and impact of the strategic initiatives. Regularly review performance against KPIs, identify areas for optimization, and make necessary adjustments to the strategy. Foster a culture of continuous improvement by encouraging feedback, learning, and adaptation throughout the consulting engagement. 

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