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hand-blown art glass by Scott Paly


The Art of Glass Blowing

Scott Paly is one of just a handful who has mastered the art of glass blowing. What began as a way to creatively express himself started blossoming into a serious expression of his mind, body and soul as featured in River View Glass Studio. It's a very technical art form yet it expresses the sensitivity of the soul.

Blowing glass can be as intense a deal as I've ever structured in business - if not technically focused during all facets of glass blowing you can create a very inspiring piece or the glass can shatter in your hands, in the oven or as it cools down.

You see Scott is more than an artist. He's an accomplished business entrepreneur.

Scott is sharing many of his art glass works with the public for viewing or commissioned. Scott's work is displayed in residential homes, commercial properties and art galleries throughout the U.S. and Middle East.

Scott works closely with clients in both function and ideas. In most designs our clients give us a wish list of what they want and I do the rest. 

You can reach Scott by clicking here.

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