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This is how you achieve better online results. 

A 360 view looks across all areas of your online presence and online audit, including website review, social media, lead generation, advertising, organic reach, blogs, campaigns, landing pages, funnels, and email marketing. We drill down to understand how and where we can help.

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Let's talk Strategy

The first step is to assemble a team of people who can provide a second set of eyes to give another perspective. This group can be business relationships, friends, family, staff, consultants, etc. – with knowledge of what you want to achieve.

You'll walk through a detailed series of questions about your business goals and purpose. You'll define your customer base and make sure the audience you want to attract matches this profile. You'll look across your entire site and ensure that your site content aligns with your goals and audience.

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Your Online Audit

Your online presence covers a lot of ground. Everywhere you are online from your website through social media, lead gen, emails, logo, site colors, branding, and social profiles needs to be touched, discussed, and broken down.

Your story and content should be consistent in look and feel across the internet. Your @ and #'s are huge in branding and consumer recognition and should be the same across all social media platforms.

A successful online audit must include SEO (better organic growth), email campaigns, online advertising, and understanding your competitors' presence.

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One Final Suggestion About Research and Why Social Media is Important.

Once you have pulled all the pieces together, you should revisit your content and online audience profiles. If your audience does not engage with your content and message, you need to bring in experts who can help you. That's where David Speyer and his team at ZootMarketing come in. David is managing partner and can mentor your team, effectively and with a detailed eye towards your vision.

You can reach David via phone +1 (929) 474-8577, or our contact-us page. Sign Up to Get Access to Free Resource and Receive Our Monthly Posts.

David Speyer Managing Partner Zoot Marketing

About the Author

Managing Partner, Zoot Marketing

David Speyer is a social media marketing and lead-gen guru, coach, mentor, marketing strategist and managing partner at ZOOTMarketing.

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